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Don't have the knowledge or the time to run a Pay-per-Click campaign with Google AdWords and/or Yahoo Search Marketing?
Are you paying for a lot of clicks in your campaign, but not getting much business?

We can help.  Whether you're in Bucks, Berks, Herts, or West London, we can be there to provide outstanding service.

Our in-depth knowledge of how to build and run pay-per-click campaigns will generate traffic to your site and increase sales and profits.
Pay-per-Click marketing in sposored ads can be a very good way to boost sales.  But it can also be expensive and wasteful.  If the keywords are not chosen carefully, if you don't make use of "negative keywords", if you are not aware of all the tools available in the search engines' systems, you will pay for far too many click-throughs that don't result in "conversions" (sales or contact). 
There are many ways to make a pay-per-click marketing campaign run more efficiently.  We know them.

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We have many clients in Berks, Herts, West London and Bucks who are pleased with our Web Design, SEO, Pay per Click Management and Google Analytics Services.  Please call for a quote.


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